2017 NPC Cascadian Classic Stage Photos $50.00
Please wear your competitor number! It is the only way to identify you. Please remember to smile and get set in your pose before transitioning to your next pose.
Stage photos and or Pre-judging (6-12 images). Make sure to complete all information. If you are wanting an additional class there is an additional discounted charge and videos are not included in the price of your photos. Photos take 2-4 weeks and you will be emailed a link to Dropbox where you will download your images. Please make a back up copy of your images. I for some reason you loose your images there will be a $20 reload fee.
Non-Refundable so make sure to get to your photos. We can not be responsible for you missing your session.
Seats available until: 7/15/2017
Total Price: $50.00
Registration Closed