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Photo Shoot Prep


Please be prepared for your shoot

Days leading up to the shoot:

  • Groom - Shave/Wax/Pluck... Make sure that you have things done so that you don't end up embarrassed.
  • Nails and Toes - Make sure that you have either freshly painted nails or toes or please remove it completely so it looks good.
  • Tan - Your definition will look so much better when your tan. It doesn't have to be as dark as a show prep tan.
  • Sleep - Get plenty of sleep. Don't wait till the last minute to prepare. Drink plenty of water and Stay away from the salt.
  • Confirm your Hair and Makeup if it applies.
  • Pack your stuff at least one day before our shoot. Coordinate your wardrobe right down to your shoes. Ladies the High the Heels the better. If you are afraid you will forget something; put it in your car.
  • For shoots after a competition - Don't eat badly! Stay with a clean diet until after the session


The Day of the shoot:

  • Wear loose clothes from the moment you wake up. Don't put on socks; wear flip flops.
  • Be on time. To me that mean 15 minutes before we shoot.
  • Bring lots of baby oil.
  • For post-show bring something sweet for vascularity (honey or candy)

On time means at least 15 minutes early to me.

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